hot deformation behaviour of 40crni steel and evaluation

Hot Deformation Behaviors and Processing Maps of

The isothermal hot compression tests of as-cast and homogenized 2024 aluminum alloy were carried out under wide range of deformation temperatures (623-773 K) and strain rates (0.001-10 s1).The constitutive equations for both initial states were established based on Arrhenius model,and the processing maps were constructed based on the dynamic material model. results for this questionFeedbackJournal of Materials Research and Technology Vol 9 Hot deformation behaviour of 40CrNi steel and evaluation of different processing map construction methods Haitao Zhao,Jianjun Qi,Ru Su,Hongqi Zhang, Chengming Wang results for this questionHow is strain hardening related to stacking fault energy?How is strain hardening related to stacking fault energy?The dominant mechanism responsible for the strain hardening of steel changes as a function of deformation temperature,which is related to stacking fault energy (SFE) changes.When the deformation temperature rises,twinning decreases while a role of dislocation slip increases.1.Effect of Deformation Temperature on Microstructure

results for this questionWhat is a hot torsion test?What is a hot torsion test?The torsion test provides hot ductility as dependent on temperatures and strain rates.The hot torsion test is widely used for assessing hotworkability and constitutive behavior of new materials and alloys.One of the disadvantages of the hot torsion test is its non-homogeneity of deformation.Hot Torsion Testing Part One : Total Materia Article results for this questionWhat is the temperature range of deformation?What is the temperature range of deformation?This work addresses the influence of deformation temperature in a range from 40°C to 200°C on the microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of a low-carbon high-manganese austenitic steel.The temperature range was chosen to cope at the time during sheet processing or car crash events.Effect of Deformation Temperature on Microstructure 12345Next

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Hot deformation behaviour of 40CrNi steel and evaluation 40CrNi steel is a low alloy steel with medium hardenability.After quenching and tempering,it has high strength and good low temperature impact toughness and thus is widely used in the manufacturing of crankshafts,wind turbine forgings,etc.[34] ,A Characterization for the Deformation Behavior of As-Cast Thus,the application of the as-cast P91 alloy steel constitutive model on the CHE hot extrusion process should be further studied and explored.The finite element (FE) method is the efficient and economical alternative method for studying the flow stress behavior during hot deformation [1921].Hence,the constitutive model of the as-cast An evaluation of H13 tool steel deformation in hotH13 tool steel behaviour under elevated temperature and excessive load (Miland and Panasiuk 1982).The understanding of the non-uniform deformation and work hardening of the material is of critical importance.Deformation at high temperature on the tool is down to the localise stress and strain

Cited by 11Publish Year 2013Author Ersoy Erisir,Ersoy Erisir,Ulrich Prahl,Wolfgang BleckEffect of Deformation Temperature on Microstructure

AbstractIntroductionExperimental ProcedureResults and DiscussionConclusionsConflicts of InterestThis work addresses the influence of deformation temperature in a range from 40°C to 200°C on the microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of a low-carbon high-manganese austenitic steel.The temperature range was chosen to cope at the time during sheet processing or car crash events.Experimental results show that yield stress and ultimate tensile strength gradually deteriorate with an increase in the tensile testing temperature.The dominant mechanism responsible for the strain hardeniSee more on hindawiMetals and Materials International Volume 26,issue 2Jul 17,2019·Development of an Advanced Ultrahigh Strength TRIP Steel and Evaluation of Its Unique Strain Hardening Behavior Investigation on the Creep Behavior of AZ91 Magnesium Alloy Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation Authors.Iraj Khoubrou; Effect of Temperature and Strain Rate on the Hot Deformation Behaviour of Ferritic Stainless Steel Cited by 183Publish Year 2014Author Dong-Xu Wen,Y.C.Lin,Hong-Bin Li,Xiao-Min Chen,Jiao Deng,Lei-Ting Li(PDF) Determination of hot deformation behavior and The deformation behavior of IN 028 alloy in the temperature range of 9501150 °C and strain rate range of 0.0130 s1 has been studied using processing maps by isothermal hot compression tests.Cited by 1Publish Year 2016Author Kazuo Okamura,Toshiya Suzuki,Yuya Ishimaru,Hiroshi Hamasaki,Fusahito YoshidaThe deformation and microstructure of Ti-3Al-2.5V tubular May 27,2016·In this paper,three 70 % expansion ratio Ti-3Al-2.5V tubular parts were formed by non-uniform temperature hot gas forming with different temperature distributions.The deformation behavior,thickness distribution,microstructure,and mechanical property of tubular parts were studied.The result shows that a suitable temperature difference between forming zone and transition zone is beneficial

Cited by 1Publish Year 2017Author Lu Jia,Yongtang Li,Yang ZhangChromium martensitic hot-work tool steels

Evaluation of the Cyclic Behaviour During High Temperature Fatigue of Hot-Work Tool Steel,Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Tooling,Karlstad,2002,p.603-616 Paper IV J.Sjöström and J.Bergström Microstructural stability and strength of chromium martensitic hot-Cited by 3Publish Year 2015Author Katharina Steineder,Martina Dikovits,Coline Beal,Christof Sommitsch,Daniel Krizan,Reinhold SchnBehavior of Hot-Mix Asphalt Containing Blast Furnace Slag Significant amounts of blast furnace slag (BFS) are generated daily as by-product from iron and steel industries.This waste material usually has interesting physical properties and mineralogical and chemical composition,which can be useful as granular aggregate in the production of hot mix asphalt (HMA).Cited by 6Publish Year 2020Author Haitao Zhao,Jianjun Qi,Ru Su,Hongqi Zhang,Hongwei Chen,Lijuan Bai,Chengming Wang(PDF) Hot deformation behaviour of 40CrNi steel and In this research,isothermal uniaxial hot compression tests were carried out for 40CrNi steel with true strain rates of 0.01,0.1,1,10 and 30 s¹ and temperatures of 8501200 °C.

Correcting the Stress-Strain Curve in Hot Compression

This article provides a model that regards the evolution behavior of the friction coefficient in the cylindrical compression test as a function of true strain on the basis of experimental results,allowing the effect of friction on the deformation curve at extremely high strain level to be evaluated and corrected for the first time.The compressive tests were carried out at a stroke rate of 1 Effect of Material Anisotropies of Hot-Rolled High In this study,the circular hole expansion process of high-strength steel sheet is numerically simulated using FE analysis with Hill48 quadratic,Gotohs fourth order,Yld2000-2d and Yoshidas sixth order polynomial yield function.The effects of anisotropic yield functions on local reduction of thickness are evaluated.The thickness distribution around the circular hole edge at just Evaluation of High-speed Deformation Characteristics of Material to be tested; Steel,aluminium alloy and other metals,various resin materials such as PP; Strain rate test machine; Range of strain rate 10-3 to 10 3 /s 0.001 to 0.1/s Static tensile test machine 0.01 to 100/s Hydraulic servo test machine 0.01 to 500/s Stress sensing block type test machine

Formation,Characterization,and Wear Behavior of

The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of low-temperature aluminizing process on the microstructure and dry sliding wear properties of Mirrax steel.Low-temperature aluminizing process was applied on Mirrax steel at 600,650,and 700 °C for 2,4,and 6 h.Hot Deformation Behavior and Microstructural Evolution of Dec 01,2013·In current study,the effect of microstructure on hot ductility of nickel-free austenitic high nitrogen steel DIN EN 1.4452 was investigated.Phase transformations and precipitation were modeled as well as experimentally determined via microstructural evaluation.Hot tensile and compression tests were used to simulate the hot deformation behavior at temperatures between 1173 K and 1573 KHot Deformation Behavior of Bearing Steels Journal of Apr 09,2007·The material behaviors of two types of bearing steels at hot working conditions are investigated.Stress-strain curves at various temperatures (9001300°C) and strain rates (150/s) are obtained by compression tests with a computer controlled servo-hydraulic Gleeble 3800 testing machine.

Hot Deformation Behavior of Nickel-Based Superalloy

The hot deformation characteristics of GH4720Li alloy were studied at the temperature of 11001170 °C and strain rate of 0.011 s1 using Gleeble hot compression tests.True stress-true strain curves and deformation microstructures were investigated.Constitutive equation was established using the hyperbolic law.Processing map for hot working was also developed on the basis of the Hot Deformation Behavior of Ti6Al4V Alloy in Phase In an earlier study on the flow behavior of Ti6Al4V alloy with lamellar starting microstructure,it was shown that the flow softening due to the deformation heating is negligible in compression testing at high temperatures and low strain rate of 0.001 s 1 []..The deformed specimens were sectioned at mid-plane,parallel to the compression axis.Hot Deformation Behavior of a 3rd Generation AdvancedAs hot rolling is one of the crucial steps during their production,the hot deformation behavior of Medium-Mn steels has to be thoroughly evaluated during their development stage.Therefore,the present contribution studied the hot deformation response of a 0.1 %C 5.5 %Mn steel by means of hot compression tests using a Gleeble &3800 device.

Hot Torsion Testing Part One : Total Materia Article

The behavior of metals and alloys during hot deformation is a complex issue and alters with the change of process parameters such as deformation size,deformation rate and temperature.The analysis of hot working conducted with the application of a torsion test using a torsion plastometer allowed the determination of the influence of Hot Working Guide A Compendium of Processing Maps Hot deformation behaviour of 40CrNi steel and evaluation of different processing map construction methods hot deformation behavior of Inconel 625 alloy has been investigated from room Hot deformation behavior and microstructure analysis of Hot deformation experiments of as-cast 35CrMoV steel,with strain rates of 0.01 s1 and 10 s1,deformation temperatures of 850,950,and 1050 °C,and an extreme deformation reaching 50%

Hot deformation behavior and processing map of a typical

Jan 03,2014·The hot compressive deformation behaviors of a typical Ni-based superalloy are investigated over wide ranges of forming temperature and strain rate.Based on the experimental data,the efficiencies of power dissipation and instability parameters are evaluated and processing maps are developed to optimize the hot working processing.Hot deformation behavior of a medium carbon microalloyed Hot deformation behavior of a high-titanium Nb-micro-alloyed steel was investigated by conducting hot compression tests at the temperature of 9001100 °C and the strain rate of 0.00510 s1.Hot deformation behaviors of low-alloyed ultrahigh ·Hot deformation behavior of AA7085 aluminum alloy during isothermal compression at elevated temperature [J].Materials Science and Engineering A,2014,596 176â182.[26] PRASAD Y V R K,SASIDHARA S,SIKKA V K.Characterization of mechanisms of hot deformation of as-cast nickel aluminide alloy [J].

Hot deformation behaviour of 40CrNi steel and evaluation

May 01,2020·As forging is usually involved in the manufacturing of these components,optimization of the hot deformation process of 40CrNi steel during forging is quite critical.The present study was carried out to establish phenomenological models for the prediction of 40CrNi steel hot deformation flow stress and to evaluate proper hot deformation parameter windows through processing maps.Influence of plastic deformation of S235JR steel rods on adequate forecasting and evaluation of the behavior and safety of these constructions.It has been found out that mechanical treatment impacts the corrosion resistance of steel.Deformation conditions,such as hot rolling and cold rolling parameters affect texture development in steel.Rolling schedule,Investigations on Deformation Behavior of AA5754 Sheet Material behavior of AA5754 was investigated under different forming process conditions,including two loading conditions (uniaxial tensile and biaxial bulge),several strain rates (constant strain rates at 0.0013 and 0.013/s,and variable strain rate profiles increasing and decreasing profiles),and several temperature levels (ambient up to

People also askWhat happens to metals and alloys during hot deformation?What happens to metals and alloys during hot deformation?The behavior of metals and alloys during hot deformation is a complex issue and alters with the change of process parameters such as deformation size,deformation rate and temperature.Hot Torsion Testing Part One : Total Materia ArticleThermal Fatigue Behavior Evaluation of Shot-Peened JIS

Thermal Fatigue Behavior Evaluation of Shot-Peened JIS SKD61 Hot-Work Mold Steel Shu-Hung Yeh1,Liu-Ho Chiu1,+,Tao-Liang Chuang 2and Cheng-Yen Wu 1Department of Materials Engineering,Tatung University,Taipei 10451,Taiwan 2Metal Industries Research Development Centre,Kao-Hsiung 81160,Taiwan Thermal fatigue cracking is one of the most important failure mechanisms in hot work

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